Good News for Ghana (and a Terrifying Warning Too)

Everyone likes good news (though it doesn’t tend to sell newspapers as well as bad news does). And Africa always needs good news. From the very top of the continent to the most southerly point, there are plenty of problems facing Africa and its people.

But, it looks like Ghana has some good news, and they’re sharing some of it with neighboring countries.

It all begins with beds – hospital beds. Ghana currently has approximately 0.9 hospital beds for every 1000 people in the country. And with current expansion and hospital renovations underway, that number is set to rise. Of course, the World Health Organisation recommends 30 beds for every 1000 residents. And that means Ghana has a long way to go.

But, these figures are still good news for Ghanaians. As it stands, Ghana has the third best ratio of beds to population on the continent. (Well, actually, Ghana is tied with Morocco, but we’re not splitting hairs.) That puts Ghana behind South Africa and Egypt, but light years ahead of many other African countries (especially, health care deprived Nigeria).

While we’re on the subject of ratios, we’d better look at the all-import debt-to-GDP ratio. At the end of this year, we should expect to a figure of 74.1 percent. That’s higher than the 73 percent achieved at the end of last year.

So, why is that good news? The truth of the matter is that Ghana suffered some serious economic blows last year and the beginning of this year. Dumsor did a lot of damage that still needs to be recovered, and the International Monetary Fund still has confidence in the Ghanaian economy. More than that, the government has measures in place that will make a difference before the end of the year (or so they claim).

For really good , though, we need to consider MEST. Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology is perhaps Africa’s most successful startup ecosystems. Based Accra, they’re looking to expand into Nigeria and Kenya. They even have their eyes on a couple of South African cities. That’s big, big news for Ghana (even if the startup was started as non-profit and funded from the United States).

But, for all this good news, we do have to consider the scary reality that Ghana is under threat of international terrorism. It’s important for everyone in and travelling to Ghana at the moment to be vigilant as it’s been confirmed that Ghana is a target by a ringleader of the Grand Bassam attacks. The National Security Council is doing what they can, and we can only hope that crisis is averted.

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