What’s Going on in Ghana This Month

The holidays are over (much to the dismay of most people), and 2015 is kicking off to a winning start – hopefully, quite literally.  You see, it’s time for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) again.  And that’s always big news for the Black Stars and the Ghanaian public as a whole.  But, before we turn to the Stars, there’s something brewing on the ground that you just don’t want to miss.

Ghana is now producing cars locally.  Yes, you read that right.  The Great Kosa Automobile Company Limited has been rolling out locally manufactured vehicles.  Mind you, current production is only about seven vehicles a day.  But, the plant, which is located in Gomoa Mpota in the Central Region, is preparing to up production to about 20 automobiles daily in the near future.  Currently, the focus is on SUVs and pick-up trucks, but who can say where this will go in the future.  It’s certainly a giant leap forward from the previous total of zero Ghanaian vehicles; more importantly, it could lead to a new way of thinking about technology and specialty imports.  After all, if you can do it at home, why wouldn’t you?

And perhaps there will be some new financial support driven into the country from a somewhat unlikely source.  Ghana backed Spain for one of the coveted, rotating seats on the UN Security Council.  The Spanish Ambassador, Mrs Maria Alonso has publicly commended the country and its government for their support.  And, although Spain recently experienced financial turmoil (like many Western countries), it appears that they’re on the mend and Mrs Alonso is prepped to take Ghanaian-Spanish business relations to the next level.

The Black Stars have just left Spain where they were busy practicing for their first AFCON match (this Monday, 19 January 2015).  With their coach, Avram Grant, the national soccer team were training in the Spanish city of Seville before departing for Equatorial Guinea.  Although the Black Stars have not had much luck with international competitions in recent years, no one is giving up hope that the team will take the trophy this year.  With recent FIFA payouts from the 2014 World Cup, the team should certainly be in high spirits.

The Ghanaian national soccer team faces off against Senegal, Algeria and South Africa in the group stages.  And, even if you’re not following African football, you can bet that these will be some of the biggest matches.

But, if you’ve been in party mode since the beginning of December, then music is likely to be one of your biggest Ghanaian concerns.  And, that’s okay since the organisers of the 16th annual Ghana Music Awards have issued the final call for entries.  Why not spend some time support local artists by plastering your votes all over social media?  After all, it seems like it’s just going to be that kind of a year…  filled with plenty to see, do, hear, experience and anticipate in Ghana.

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